2023 DIAMOND & CONRAD CHALLENGE WINNER AISEN National Debate Winner, 2022 & 2023

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Students,

It affords me a privilege as well as an opportunity to welcome you to Kayron College, a school dedicated to developing Internationally minded citizens through the use of technology, inquiry minds and hands on learning across the curriculum in order to maximise their individual potentials to the fullest and ensure life of service.

At Kayron College, we provide positive catalytic impulses to every child to stretch his/her inherent learning competencies through a self-discovery process. Above all, the uniqueness of every child is recognised, nurtured and treasured. Emphasis is on learning and not on teaching.

We believe that education is a complete process that leads to the attainment of the full potential of the child. We strive to equip our students with life-skills to face the real world, be it planning, analysing, team-building, communicating effectively or dealing with challenges confidently.

Our focus is to develop our students into globally minded citizens, with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions for a life-time learning experience. They should be self-motivated, independent, confident decision makers to take up leadership roles in future. At Kayron College, we arm our students with technological supremacy and help integrate it to values, morals and our cultural legacy. The school curriculum has been painstakingly planned on scientific guidelines to provide students with intellectual stimulation, physical robustness, social adaptability, emotional independence and leadership qualities.

We make every endeavour to establish a quality-conscious school where:
Excellence is driven by values
Success is strengthened by ethics and
Modernity is fortified by tradition.

We at Kayron College provide holistic education where children evolve as individuals who are self-motivated and creative individuals, who can think, question and reason out logically, individuals who are independent, confident and leaders capable of taking quality decisions.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this beautiful learning experience at Kayron College where potentials are unlocked and given premium value.

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