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Primary School

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Looking for a welcoming environment where your child will not only learn and grow, but also flourish? Our Primary School offers small-class sizes, dedicated faculty, and a place for pupils to develop a life-long love of learning – and make friendships they will keep forever.

The foundation of our Primary School curriculum consists of several keystones, each representing a critical aspect of a pupil’s education.

We have laid the bedrock foundation upon which we built a multi-layered set of curriculum, relationships, and experiences leading to the ultimate goal. We prepare our young people to be great neighbours, great leaders, great spouses, great managers of time, and last but not least, great citizens.

To ensure your child’s mind, body, and character all grow stronger together, our Primary School program meets children where they are and intentionally guides them forward: Two teachers in every classroom—an expert class teacher and an experienced associate—provide your child with extensive individual attention and small-group instruction. Primary School reading and Math specialists also work closely with students to build their critical skills.

In keeping with Kayron School’s mission and core values, teachers in our Primary Program bring an intrinsic belief in the power and beauty of each child’s unique processes of learning.

Head Office Address:

24/26 Mopo Road, United Estate, Lekki-Peninsula Area, Lagos.

Call for help:

+234(0)816 808 9821, 814 681 7812, 01 29111 23

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