Admissions Procedure (Primary & PreSchool)

Admissions Procedure (Primary & PreSchool)

All prospective pupils registering at KIS will need to complete an application form. This form is to be returned to the Administrative Office with two passport photos, a copy of your child’s birth certificate and their last school report.

We look at two factors when placing a pupil at KIS, namely; their age and academic ability after writing an entrance examination.

  • Pupils entering Crèche should have been 3 months old.
  • Nursery 1 child must have turned 2 years by 31st August.
  • Nursery 2 child must have turned 3 years by 31st August.
  • Reception child must have turned 4 years by 31st August.
  • Primary session is from 5 years and above.                                  

Pupils coming into Nursery 2, Reception and Primary classes will be assessed based on their ages as well as an interview session, while the pupils for Crèche and Nursery 1 will only come for an interview with their parents.

Students will be offered a place at KIS based on the results of our assessment and previous academic records.

Once the entrance tests have been completed and marked, the result will be taken into consideration with the additional information provided before we offer them a place.

A registration fee is also payable on return of each student’s application form.

Should you require any additional information, please contact the Administrative Officer directly on 08168089821, 8146817812.

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