2023 DIAMOND & CONRAD CHALLENGE WINNER AISEN National Debate Winner, 2022 & 2023

Kayron College

We are delighted that you are interested in Kayron College. Our College is set up to educate young people to become responsible leaders who will always be at the advantage end of an evolving and ever-challenging global economy and social demands.

We equip our students to the reality of how living and succeeding in an ever-challenging global economic community requires adaptability and flexibility with variant skill-set, knowledge and character.

At Kayron College, we have designed a curriculum that is all-inclusive of wide range of experiences, activities and opportunities geared towards nurturing young responsible leaders with sufficient character and competence.

Our Curriculum is strategically designed to involve all students and make them all entitled to personalised education, where no child is left behind. In this process, their diverse intellectual, emotional, social and physical needs are met. We pride in our serene environment with world-class facilities and great ambience for learning.

Resultantly, we have strong focus and drive for excellence which permeate everything that our students experience all through their stay and working with our indefatigable team of experts.

We look forward to welcoming your child as one of our precious students at Kayron College.

Head Office Address:

24/26 Mopo Road, United Estate, Lekki-Peninsula Area, Lagos.

Call for help:

+234(0)816 808 9821, 814 681 7812, 01 29111 23

Mail us for information


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