Line up of our prefects during the investiture

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” – John F. Kennedy

Recently, we confer on our prefects the mantle and baton of leadership to lead the school and their colleagues to an enviable height.

Prequel to the investiture, the candidates during their campaign convinced the school with their manifestoes, programs and qualification. After a painstaking electoral process, only 12 candidates emerged and won the 12 seats of the school’s electoral positions.

The college principal, Dr. Bashiru Sadiku submitted in an interview that the purpose of the investiture is to ensure a change of leadership from one hand to the other. He added that, the predecessors are to move on to greater heights hence, the election of their successors who should see the new office as a charge to be responsible especially as part of the school’s RICE framework i.e Responsility, Innovation, Creativity and Engagement.

Dr. said, ‘’There’s a change from one leadership to the other. Taking up leadership is taking more responsibility. It is a charge to perform and as International school, we are expected to nurture students who are RICE (Responsible, Innovative, Creative and Engaging). It is a mantle that has come upon them that they are to lead and because they are to lead, they are to lead as models for others to follow.’’

Recounting his sacrifices prior emergence, the senior prefect male, David Abia said that he felt little overwhelmed and assured strongly that he can handle the position excellently well. David promised to maintain the comfort and conduciveness all established by the school.

Speaking further on their programs and change, the senior prefect female, Kaya Ayeni said that amongst other programs, with her team, she will also establish a decent fundamental way of trust to ensure a guided and monitored feedback mechanism through an active suggestion box. (Watch the video)

David Abia and Kaya Ayeni (senior prefects) during the investiture

Meanwhile, as it’s our custom as a school to inspire and sustain excellent performance, we have awarded 50 awards to our students. The awards cut across different categories. This is to further encourage the awardees and parents to intensify preparedness for more accolades.

Recalled, that we award our staff in similar events. This, as usual boost their inputs which have been obviously reflecting in our students performances. Watch our testimonials