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Science Laboratory

Kayron College has well equipped science laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments.

Our science teachers facilitate pre-laboratory discussions with the students, giving directions, and post-laboratory discussions. Pre-laboratory discussion must give students the clearest possible picture and understanding of what they are to do in the laboratory.

ICT Laboratory

The role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom is becoming increasingly prominent and constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of students.

Students constantly interact with technologies such as mobile phones, Internet and social networking tools outside the classroom and have an expectation that these technologies will also support their learning in the classroom. Therefore, our ICT Laboratory is fully equipped with modern computers and other equipment to support training on the Internet, Robotics, GPS devices, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing, advanced security solutions, etc.

College Events & External Examinations

Kayron College Events and External Examination are held in our multipurpose School Hall (Joseph Hall). Her External Examinations (WAEC & IGCSE) room is accommodated within the School Hall.

Joseph Hall can accommodate 800-1000 persons comfortably and it is tastefully designed with good acoustics, defined speakers stands, absorbent ceilings, aesthetic lighting facilities-floodlight & spotlight, visual screens and good audio-visual equipment.

The stage is of adequate size and appropriate height. It has sufficient off-stage space as well as two green rooms, one for boys and another for girls and several toilet rooms.

Staff Training/Seminars/School Assembly

We believe that to run an effective school, staff need to be trained at all levels. Rachel Hall has been dedicated as a venue to offer a range of training to develop their skills for working with students with variant social, moral, psychological, emotional and academic needs

This hall can accommodate 250-300 persons comfortably and it also functions for public lectures, symposia, school meetings, school assembly, indoor recreational activities and creative activities such as dramatics, music, debates etc

Boarding Wing

Our Boarding houses are aesthetically structured into rooms of 4 to afford our students the ambience of comfort. After the academic hassle of the day, our students physically re-energise for the next day's activities with the help of the comfort of our boarding houses and its friendly routine schedules.

We have very skilled and experienced house masters & mistresses who are always available to support the academic, social, moral & spiritual needs of our students.

Medical Unit

We operate a 24-hour health care system. Our medical team (nurses and matron) are always available and always in consultation with the school doctor to administer treatment for some minor illnesses and look after students in need of nursing care.

Our School Health Unit is equipped with full medical facilities to administer first-aid if need arises.

Vocational Studio

In our effort to stimulate and bolster creativity and skill set, we afford our students the opportunity to learn some crafts that would give them additional edge as they settle to pick a career in life.

Our vocational studio is dedicated to impacting our students with the right and relevant vocational education in the field of Shoe Cobbling, Hair Dressing, Barbering Skills, Tailoring, Crocheting and other innovation crafts.

Why we are the best school of choice for you!

Kayron College, commands 21st century state-of-the-art facility with focus on the contemporary learning needs. We have succeeded at delivering quality education with strong capture of the audio-visual technology to make learning fun and effective. The aesthetic serenity of our academic and boarding areas is quite stimulating to the awareness and visual appreciation of our students.

Music Studio

Music as a course at Kayron College is done in an extraordinary fashion. We have very seasoned and highly qualified teachers who provide high quality music lessons in singing and training on a wide range of instruments.

This affords our students the opportunity to perform both in school and at other inter-school competitions.

Basic Technology Laboratory

Kayron College has a magnificent and world class Basic Technology workshop which is to help improve the teaching and learning of basic technology and pre-vocational orientation in the school.

The Basic Technology workshop is well equipped with apparatus to support the learning of Architectural Technical Drawings, Electrical/Electronics, Metal Work, Simple Mechanics, Wood Work, Rubber and Plastic Technology.
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