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boarding schools in Lagos

Our Boarding houses are aesthetically structured into rooms of 4 to afford our students the ambience of comfort. After the academic hassle of the day, our students physically re-energise for the next day’s activities with the help of the comfort of our boarding houses and its friendly routine schedules.

We have very skilled and experienced house masters & mistresses who are always available to support the academic, social, moral & spiritual needs of our students.

In addition, we have highly trained personnel in our pastoral care unit who help to assist the emotional needs of our students.

Our Boarding House is medically supervised by an experienced matron who is always on ground to proffer first aid attention to any ill child and recommend for the school doctor’s attention in cases where it is required.

boarding schools in Lagos

Head Office Address:

24/26 Mopo Road, United Estate Lekki-Peninsula Area, Lagos.

Call for help:

+234(0)816 808 9821, 814 681 7812, 01 29111 23

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boarding schools in Lagos

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