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4 Amazing Reasons to Join Our Pre School

Laying the Bedrock Foundation.

Our early pre school childhood curriculum is embedded through a play-based approach, intentional interactions and authentic learning experiences, which is strengthened through the adoption of the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our early years learning experts ensure that your child builds the academic foundation, the foundational relationships with teachers and peers they need for the future.

We stand by the knowledge that a child’s physical, intellectual, verbal, emotional and social development occur through creative and constructive play that challenges the body and nurtures developing minds. Learning acquired through the play process stimulates and encourages curiosity, discoveries, investigation and an understanding of the interrelationships of their world.

Our Pre School provides our preschoolers with the opportunities for, positive social and emotional interaction in a nurturing environment. We are focused on developing a shared respect and compassion where children can learn to express creatively, make decisions, safely take risks, cultivate reason and logical thinking, and develop through increased responsibility and independence.

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Head Office Address:

24/26 Mopo Road, United Estate, Lekki-Peninsula Area, Lagos.

Call for help:

+234(0)816 808 9821, 814 681 7812, 01 29111 23

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