From The Desk of the Head Teacher

It gives me much pleasure to welcome you to a new academic session.

I am passionate to make a statement in the upbringing of our children. The parents who have brought their children to Kayron International School understand the importance of laying a good foundation for their children.

In Kayron we are poised to raising the generation of leaders who are not just academically sound but also, physically, mentally, socially, morally, and outstanding. That is why we offer a British curriculum that provides a unique opportunity for each child to attain his or her optimum potential in education, skills and proficiency. Our children here can best be described as the crop of children who are already unleashing their potentials' in Kayron International School.

Our Pre- School has been equipped with the best Montessori resources. The directresses use them for the enrichment of our children in Kayron Nursery and Reception classes.

We pray and expect that by the grace of God, the pupils in Kayron would surely grow to become a mix of prolific leaders, captains of industry and experts in their various professions, they will also be individuals of integrity wherever they find themselves in the future.

We join our parents in praying that God Almighty will grant our children in Kayron International School, success in excess for our highest expectations on each child.

If you are looking for a place where your child will attain the best of his or her goal in life, “Kayron International School is the place to be.”

We appreciate you immensely for choosing Kayron for your children's educational foundation!

Thank You.

Mrs. Echefu, P.G.N

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There is no significant learning without a significant relationship!

GRADUATION CEREMONY: 11th of July, 2018

There has been a colossal build-up to our graduation ceremony, as the day will be a lasting memory of academic life, and is a day where our pupils will be the subject of pride in the eyes of parents, tutors, invited guest and peers, as we mark another milestone.


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